The Sophisticated Swing Band was resurrected by the original leader George Ross in December 2013

George formed the original Sophisticated Swing Society Dance Band in the 90's. It performed at many of the main big society functions in the city of London. (see big bands past),

The last performance of that band with George Ross was the New Years Millennium Dance at Green Hills Country Club 1999-2000. The Band was turned over to the very capable hands of George Laidlaw and the name was changed to Prime Time Big Band.

After several years away from the big band music, George Ross and a few friends decided to give the Big Band Sound a new start. Several musicians were contacted, most of them enthusiastically wanting to be involved. The next important step was to have a rehearsal venue. One of the musicians suggested that Royalcliffe Retirement Residences in London, might be receptive to having a professional sounding band once a week rehearsing on their premises. They were contacted and allowed the Band to use their theater for rehearsals. In remuneration the Band would perform a concert for the residents a couple of times a year.

The new band was formed and the old name SOPHISTICATED SWING SOCIETY BIG BAND, once again was revived. The new band consists of five saxophones, four trumpets, four trombones, piano, bass, guitar, and drums. The choice of music is many of the big band charts of the 30's, 40's, 50's with many modern charts, including a few of the old rock classics, in the repertoire.

The demand for this band comes from the senior adult organizations that remember and appreciate the nostalgic sounds, when two people held each other closely and glided across the floor into the dreamy night of another world.

Band Photograph


Parkwood Hospital December 31st 2015

Front Row - Sam Trosow Keyboard; Rick McGee -Tenor Sax; Wendy Nicholson - Alto Sax; Al Shipley - Alto Sax; Frank Vita - Tenor Sax; Aldon Malcomson - Baritone Sax
Middle Row - Trombones: Ron Pettitt; Miles Skinner (Bass Trombone); Rick Doyle; George Ross
Rear Row - Ann Pin - String Bass; Trumpets - Simon Swart; Brent Sterner; Cassondra Skinner; Skip Phoenix; Percussion - Jim Dwyer